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More pictures out of the moving and thrilling life of 321 squadron

Tiger baptize event 2007

Tigertaufe in der Lounge der Tigers 2007

During the tiger baptize ceremony new squadron members were introduced into the squadron tiger community. To achieve the membership goal they had to perform a couple of (partially unappetizing) tasks.

Major Brees Friedenssitzordnung

One of the best sitting places in our lounge was reserved according to the so called "peacetime sitting order" of FBW 321. Major Bree felt free to cement this order with a plastic plate on "his" place in our lounge.

This plate was saved by the webmaster in November 2012 shortly after abandoning the squadron before everything was ripped off from the lounge and thrown to the junkyard.

Again, two draftee Tiger Boys are leaving the squadron.

.... and again. They come and go.

Tig Brother (live soap out of the "Tiger Container").

Claudia Schiffer is visiting the 321 "container". Here we see the inhabitants offering and receiving welcome presents. The third guy from the right (member of an unimportant squadron on the Lechfeld) is holding the price for the chap leaving last, personally presented by the gorgeous Claudia. All participants (if not already done) made a magnificent career: One become a Kommodore (station commander), one a squadron commander, one a retired LTC, one wing ops officer, three became IPs and one a pilot with Hapag LLoyd.

Capable of multitasking and always the hand on the stick

On this picture you - in a very impressive way - get demonstrated, what during F-104 times was meant to be mulitasking capable aircrew, in other words: the cream of the cream. Please note in what artistic perfection the Lt in the front handles the broom whilst juggling his glass of Weizen beer ;-))

A nice gesture from Flight line "Toni"  technicians somewhere back in the sixties.

The squadron commander (CO) as a proud squadron father.

During his time as CO (commanding officer) the wifes (and friends) of the squadron members gave birth to 12 girls in a row. Only exception: the son of intel officer Lt Huber.

Last flight 321 "Kriegsgefangener" / "POW" Dave Tucker at the Lechfeld.

Dave's very last "flight " at the Lechfeld.

3 deg Glidepath then hit or miss

The beautiful and fast Jürgen

A stunning story in the moving history of 321 Squadron
Der schöne schnelle Jürgen - Jürgen Tiedemann

survival exercise 30./31. October 1975 Surval Exercise pause

January 09 1964

Already then the hot-shots of FBW 32 came out of 321 Squadron
Ehrung der hot-shots des geschwaders 1964
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