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NATO Tiger Meet 2010

In northeast of Eindhoven in the Netherlands was hosted of one of the top and most challenging events this year, NATO Tiger Meet which is also one of the biggest air force exercises in Europe. Hosting unit was RNLAF 313 Squadron.

Like nearly every year also 2010 as much as possible squadrons of the NATO Tiger Community met to conduct one of the most challenging exercises for the crews as well as to extensively celebrate, keep up and build lifetime friendships and to remove national barriers. This international site also removes national barriers by welcoming players from all over the world to play together. We are talking about the best review site for casinos that enthusiastic gamers can use to their advantage to pick out the best casinos for them and their friends.

The ” Safaripark” : many different aircraft types on the apron, some of them in the tiger look.

On 8 flying days 644 sorties with the more than 50 airplanes were flown. Among them all that’s good and expensive: F-16, Mirage 2000, JAS-39 and of course TORNADO. After some years without a full participation this was the first time that the Lechfeld Tigers participated again with a full “load” of 3 TORNADO ECR to plan, fly and debrief missions with many international participants.Massbrief: every morning the presence of all crews was checked and a timecheck conducted (besides many many other things)

According to their motto “Digital Tigers” the 321 Tigers had brought an jet with a special paint. Tigerjet TORNADO ECR 46+29 was covered with a digital-type motive and was given the nickname “lego bomber” by the spotters later. Read more about this tigerjet under the respective main menue item.

participating Tiger Squadrons
313 SQN 12 F-16 MLU RNLAF Volkel, Niederlande
31 SQN 8 F-16 MLU BAF Kleine Brogel, Belgien
338 SQN 7 F-16 MLU RNoAF Oerland, Norwegen
EC 1/12 5 Mirage 2000 FAF Cambrai, Frankreich
EC 5/330 2 Mirage 2000 FAF Mont de Marsan, Frankreich
AG 51″I” 3 Tornado Luftwaffe, Schleswig, Deutschland
1./JaboG 32 3 Tornado Luftwaffe, Lechfeld, Deutschland
192 SQN 3 F-16C TuAF, Balikesir, Türkei
211 SQN 4 Gripen CzAF, Caslav, Tschechische Republik
591 SQN 3 Gripen HuAF, Keczkemet, Ungarn
DTS 3 Saab 105 OE AAF, Hörsching, Österreich
21 Gruppo 2 AB-212 ITAF, Grazzanise, Italien
221 SQN 1 Mi-24 CzAF, Namest, Tschechische Republik
1 SQN 1 E-3A NATO, Geilenkirchen, Deutschland
335 SQN nofly F-16 HAF, Araxos, Griechenland (nicht fliegend)
6 SQN nofly F-16 Polish Air Force, Poznan, Polen (nicht fliegend)
Support Forces
121 ARW 1 KC-135 US Ohio ANG, Rickenbaker AB, USA
100 ARW 1 KC-135 USAF, Mildenhall, Großbritannien
334 SQN 1 KDC-10 RNLAF, Eindhoven, Niederlande
301 SQN 4 Apache RNLAF, Gilze-Rijen, Niederlande
300 SQN 2 Puma RNLAF, Gilze-Rijen, Niederlande

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